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Hoop Habits Operating Policies and Procedures

Accessing the Facility 

Hoop Habits members (“Athletes”) are required to carry their assigned key fob with them at all times when visiting the Hoop Habits LLC. If an Athlete loses their key fob, they are required to notify Hoop Habits as soon as possible to the deactivation of the fob. Hoop Habits may require a fee to reissue a new key fob.   All athletes are required to scan their fob at the key fob reader on arrival in reception to access the facility. You may not use another athlete’s key fob to access the facility.

Digital Photograph (Hoop Habits Athletes Only):

All athletes must agree to have their photograph taken at Reception. Your photograph will be used ONLY for identification purposes in connection with your membership and for no other purpose.

  • Footwear

Athletes must come prepared with appropriate and clean footwear as an essential requirement of training.

  • Health and Safety

All facility users MUST read and answer the Release and Parent/Guardian Waiver of Liability prior to using any of the facilities at Hoop Habits LLC. The Release and Parent/Guardian Waiver of Liability is available online and at reception. Please seek the advice of a medical professional if you at any point have healthcare concerns  before using any of our facilities.

To ensure the safety of our athletes all new facility users, who have never used gym before, must complete an introductory evaluation session.

Medical Information

It is your responsibility to inform us of any existing medical conditions and of any changes to you or your children’s medical information, so that our records are up to date. If there are any changes to your medical information please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Personal Property

Neither Hoop Habits LLC or its employed associates will be responsible for the loss of members’ property while use is made of the Athletic Center or related facilities.

  • Personal Information

The information we hold about you will not be passed on to any other organization. Hoop Habits LLC Terms & Conditions Last updated February 2019

  • Communication

We may contact you about promotions & events, our services & facilities, and important operational information about the Athletic Facility. If you are NOT willing to receive this information, please advise us by email at

  • Media & Photography Policy

Hoop Habits LLC recognizes that from time to time the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and photographic & video equipment may be requested in its facilities (this includes all devices capable of capturing photographic and video content, including smartphones).

Anyone intending to use ICT and/or photographic and video equipment at Hoop Habits LLC must gain approval in advance and comply with the full terms and conditions outlined in the ‘Media & Photography Policy’. Full details can be found at the Hoop Habits LLC Reception and online:

Please be aware that: Hoop Habits personnel or authorized photographers/videographer’s may be present around the facility from time to time and cameras in and around the Drive Performance Facility may be active for match analysis, promotional and publicity purposes.

        I do not authorize Hoop Habits to utilize photographs or video footage for Hoop Habits promotional or publicity purposes.

Training Sessions Attendance

All Athletes should arrive early before sessions to allow for proper change of athletic attire prior to the session start time. If disruptive, late arrival to a session may result in the refusal of admission.

Only Hoop Habits LLC Athletes will be able to search for and book training sessions

Cancellations & No Shows

Individuals who fail to turn up for any and all sessions or activities will be treated as follows:

All sessions missed will be deducted from account unless Hoop Habits was notified by phone or email of the occurrence with at least a 4 hour notice or as soon as reasonably possible. 

Please note, late cancellations (less than 4 hours for a facility/activity booking) will treated as a no show.

Any activity or session you have booked but can no longer attend can be cancelled:

In person at Hoop Habits Or by phone, calling Or by phone, calling (952) 256-2399.

Hoop Habits LLC reserves the right to change or cancel any session at any time prior to the start. In the event of a change or cancellation Hoop Habits LLC will endeavor to provide as much advance warning as possible.

Membership Information and Payment Terms

Any training sessions booked must be paid for (if applicable) at the time of booking.

Refunds for training sessions are only given in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of Hoop Habits LLC. All refunds will be pro-rata. If a medical condition prevents continuation of the membership or individual training session offered, a doctors note will be required. Participants Membership non-transferable and are non-refundable.

Hoop Habits LLC reserves the right to:

  • Alter the policies and procedures without prior notice.
  • Amend advertised charges without prior notice.
  • Suspend or withdraw any athletic training contract for violation of the terms and/or conditions of use of the facilities, or any other reason as identified by Hoop Habits LLC. .
  • Alter sessions or trainers as and when required.

I have read the operational policies and procedures thoroughly and understand all of the terms. I understand that I acknowledging my responsibilities and surrender my legal rights, and agree to be bound by all of the terms of this agreement.