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Working with Coach Tucker has truly been an elite experience. Tuck's meticulous attention to Eli's shot form and footwork has elevated his accuracy and consistency to new heights. Beyond the focus on skills, Tuck's knowledge of the game and how he conveys that understanding to Eli has not only improved his on-court decision making but has also enhanced his overall game awareness. What sets Tuck apart, however, is his commitment to the individual development of every kid he works with. He tailors training sessions to address specific strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring personalized growth for each kid he works with. Thanks to Tuck, Eli has not only developed superior basketball skills, but he has gained a deeper understanding of the game, setting a solid foundation for future success on the court.

Megan and Mark Herzog

Athlete Parent

I have known Anthony Tucker since he was a standout high school player and it has come as no surprise that his coaching and ability as a trainer reflects that same level of excellence. For the last 2 years I have learned so much from watching him interact with our players daily. What I have seen
is an exceptional ability to relate to kids, nurture their talent, and get them excited about the work that's necessary to continually improve. Anthony's combination of his knowledge and ability to simply break the game down is something I have never come across before in all my years of coaching. You are not going to find a trainer anywhere else with Anthony's level of
expertise, attention to detail, and genuine care for the players he works with. Hoop Habits is an extension of what Anthony has spent his whole life doing - working hard and being successful on the basketball court - it's a place where passion for the game and dedication to improvement come together.

Joe Burger

Head Coach - Holy Family Catholic High School

I have the chance to work with Anthony Tucker in two different teams. Tucker was a great professional with good and healthy habits off the court and daily routines to make his game grow. As a coach, having a Point Guard like him is very helpful being an extension of me on the court and never afraid to take responsibilities on the clutch moments. His leadership was more than only on the game, always ready to help younger teammates to grow, giving tips on the game and working with them to develop their game. His passion for basketball was more than only playing, he always was following different leagues and watching players, knowing with a good vision of a coach how they play or how they can fit in the game.

Iurgic Caminos

Head Coach - Taoyuan Pilots Taiwan P+ League

We highly recommend Tucker! He identified areas of need and helped Boden take both his mental and skill ability to the next level. Tuck has a fantastic mix of professional, collegiate, and coaching experience. Part of his magic is his ability to coach and transfer those experiences to his athletes. We also found his calm, straight-forward style refreshing and believe it helped bring out the best in Boden.

Dan Kapke

Athlete Parent

As a high school basketball coach for 20 years and Minnesota Select Director for 16 years it has been an honor to work with Coach Tucker the past two years at Holy Family Catholic High School. Watching him work with players, how prepared he is for any situation has been truly impressive. His knowledge of the game and ability to translate it to help the players have helped the team tremendously. Always looking to improve the team. Coach Tucker will no doubt succeed on and off the basketball court.

Sean Kruger

Director - Minnesota Select Basketball

Very quickly after our son began training and receiving coaching from Anthony Tucker we knew he was in good hands. The development on and off the court has been tremendous. It’s rare to find someone who is willing to invest time and energy into another person’s goals and Tuck has done just that. He’s made this more than just basketball and treats us like family.

Jeremy Forrest

Athlete Parent

Training with Anthony Tucker over the course of the last several years has been a game changer for my son. His holistic approach to training has helped him grow and mature in his skillset, court IQ and EQ. His mentorship and guidance have been invaluable to his growth and development. Anthony Tucker is an amazing coach and an even better person.

Alecia Hanson Gronneberg

Athlete Parent

We’ve been very fortunate to have Tuck as a trainer for our son, Jackson. He’s been instrumental in helping Jackson elevate all aspects of his game through his personalized approach to training. Not only has Tuck helped him with basketball but he’s also been an impactful mentor to him, both on and off the court.

Jenny and Steve McAndrew

Athlete Parent

My daughter started training with Coach Tucker the opening week of Hoop Habits. She had heard great things about him but even so, she was intimated for her first session. As a parent of a young female athlete, I was impressed with how comfortable he immediately made her feel. I especially appreciated that he pushed her hard and explained the “why” behind his training. After the third session she got in the car and said “I’m so glad I get to train with Coach Tucker” which was so great to hear.

Meghan Kratz

Athlete Parent