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Individual Training



Small Group Training

Single Small Group Training Session


Gym Rat Membership

The Gym Rat membership is for players who can’t seem to stay out of the gym. You eat, sleep, and breathe basketball and this membership was created just for you.

– Unlimited group sessions per week

Hooper Membership

Being called a hooper is one of the best compliments you can receive in the basketball world. The Hooper membership is for those of you who are dedicated to improving your game and getting to the next level.

– 3 group sessions per week

Baller Membership

The Baller membership is for athletes who need to make time for your game around a busy schedule, but are still committed to doing whatever it takes to improve!

– 2 group sessions per week

Dr. Dish rental available to anyone signed up for a membership

Team Training

Bring your entire team and work on spacing concepts, compete in half court settings, or dive into the intricate nuances of your team’s offensive and defensive systems.


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